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borderless™ Business & Personal Accounts

As we jump into 2023, we want to show you some of the ways to optimize your global payments. Read more to learn how borderless works to enhance global transactions for both businesses and individuals.

borderless™ For Businesses

In the current market, many global business payments are slow, expensive, and risky. At borderless, we work to create efficiency for global payouts so you can focus on what matters most: your business. Execute B2B and B2C payments in seconds. See some of the features that make borderless standout as a payments solution for businesses.

Highlighted Features

Hold multiple currencies

  • With a borderless account, your business can hold 20+ currencies simultaneously. From your account, you can receive and pay other businesses in any of our supported currencies. borderless makes this process simple with low currency exchange rates that help you save on global payments.  


  • In our world of high cyber security risks, it’s important to know that your transactions, bank information and funds are secure. At borderless, we implement bank-grade security. Additionally, our platform can limit your business’ data liability. We make sure that your business never has to collect sensitive banking information again. 

API Access & Batch Payments 

  • With our simple API platform, your business can eliminate some of the common administrative headaches that come with global payouts. You can view our API documentation here. We allow you to make batch payments to up to 3,000 payments with one click. Our CSV feature allows you to upload spreadsheets that integrate into our payments system for greater efficiency. Businesses can also give accountant teams access to borderless with controlled permission.

Platform Integrations

  • We know we live in an interconnected world and thus we created easy integration to other credit card payment processors, such as Stripe. In an ideal world, a single platform could efficiently handle both collections and payouts. However, borderless allows has perfected the payout system and allowed businesses to easily incorporate Stripe and similar platforms for credit card collections. We handle your payouts better than anyone while saving you money. To see more about Stripe and why borderless is the ideal payout compliment, click here.

borderless™ For Individuals

In addition to business, borderless provides payment solutions for individuals. Our system is targeted towards freelancers, gig workers, influencers, and other individual workers. We know that PayPal and other platforms are expensive and slow. borderless makes it easy for companies to pay directly to your bank account at a low cost.

Our personal account solutions


  • Making an account with borderless is fast and free. It will only take a few minutes. While making an account, you create your own @handle, just like Instagram and other social media platforms. 


  • With borderless, you don’t have to share your personal banking information with companies. You only have to share your @handle. For further security, borderless allows you to track your payments in real-time, so you have control. You can see when funds arrive directly to your bank account.  

Global payments simplified

  • With a personal account, all of your funds stay in your local currency. From there, we allow you to pay and receive from other businesses with lower exchange rates than PayPal and similar more expensive platforms.

What we are working to improve

While individuals can use borderless, there are some limitations in a non-B2B setting. However, we are looking to improve and expand our solutions. Currently, we do not allow person-to-person payments, we only work with businesses.

Also, a business must be connected to borderless for you to pay them. Since we are currently looking to expand our service to new businesses, you can get rewarded for referring a business to borderless.

Most Important Take Away: Save Money

Whether using a business or personal account, borderless can help you save money on global payouts. Firstly, we have no setup fees, no user fees, and no hidden fees. We value transparent pricing and believe that you should never be faced with surprise charges. We charge only one side of the payment, either the payer or recipient. You have the flexibility to determine which one. Additionally, our custom pricing follows a Pay-As-You-Go model per transaction with fees as low as 0.1% + 0.30 and capped international fees. To learn more about pricing and how you can save against other payment solutions, like PayPal, click here

If you’re interested in seeing how borderless can help you with a business or personal account, set up a call with our team. For more information and answers to common questions, visit our FAQ page or contact us. Lastly, make sure to stay tuned for the next posts in our blog series!

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We will use your details to contact you. We promise we won’t spam you with emails because we wouldn’t like that ourselves.